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Rec / Year 1 Home Learning Information

Reception Plan Week 13
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Reception English Resources Week 13
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Reception Maths Resources week 13
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Reception Planning Week 12
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Reception English Resources Week 12
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Reception Maths Resources Week 12
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Reception Planning Week 11
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Reception Maths Resources Week 11
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Reception plan week 10
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Reception Resources Week 10
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Reception Weekly Plan
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Reception Resources Week 1 Maths
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Reception Plan Week 8
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Reception Resources Maths Week 8
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Reception Plan Week 7
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Reception Resources Week Maths 7
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Leaf I-dial sheet Monday p.m.
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Reception Plan Week 6
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Reception English Resources Week 6
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Reception Maths Resources Week 6
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Year 1 Plan Week 6
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Year 1 English Resources Week 6
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Year 1 Maths Resources Week 6
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Year 1 Curriculum Resources Week 6
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Reception Planning Week 5
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Reception English Resources Week 5
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Reception Maths Resources Week 5
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Year 1 Planning Week 5
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Year 1 Maths Resources Week 5
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Year 1 Curriculum Resources Week 5
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Reception Plan Week 4
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Reception English Resources Week 4
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Reception Maths Resources Week 4
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Year 1 Plan Week 4
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Year 1 English Resources Week 4
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Year 1 Maths Resources Week 4
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Reception English Resources Week 3
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Reception Maths Resources Week 3
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Year 1 Week 3 Home Learning Plan
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Year 1 English Resources Week 3
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Year 1 Maths Resources Week 3
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Reception Resources Week 2
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Year 1 Resources Week 2
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Reception Plan Week 1
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Reception Resources Week 1
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Year 1 Plan Week 1
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Year 1 Resources Week 1
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Class One Home Learning Gallery Two

  • Katy decorating her house for VE Day.
  • Alfie and Lily found part of a birds nest. They think it was made partly from horse hair; an interesting find! Well done you guys.
  • Lily practising days of the week.
  • Super handmade bunting Keira.
  • A lovely colourful money tree Mahlia. Well done!
  • Great handmade bunting Mahlia.
  • A close up of Mahlia's super money tree; made using coins from her money box.
  • Keira and her sister busy making bunting for their VE Day celebrations.
  • Lovely finished bunting and what a view!
  • Lily really getting into the spirit of things with a tea party in the sunshine.
  • Isobel has been busy setting up her science experiment to see how temperature effects how seeds grow.
  • Fantastic writing from the story Isobel.
  • Putting the seeds into the pots ...
  • Isobel's beautiful money tree; if only money did grow on trees ...
  • Olivia working hard with her mummy.
  • Felicity using her imagination to write about why the dog may have turned green!
  • Lily busy completing one of the coin activities from this week's maths.
  • Our 'Superstar Artist' Esme has made a 3D pumpkin in the style of Yayoi Kusama! Great work Esme.
  • Olivia has been busy drawing and labelling a beautiful flower. We miss your smiley face Olivia.
  • Asher painting his bunting ready for VE Day. Fantastic detail Asher.
  • Asher has been talking to his friend Alex over the garden fence; staying safe but keeping in touch.
  • Olivia is missing lots of her friends. Lovely careful drawing and writing Olivia.
  • Izzy and her sister putting up bunting ready for the VE day celebrations.
  • Isobel and her family all set for their back lane VE Day party. Look carefully to see the colours they are all wearing.
  • Mahlia is carefully colouring her union jack bunting; great work Mahlia.
  • Asher's beautifully decorated cupcakes; 75 years since the end of World War Two in Europe!
  • Can you guess who's set up their own puppet theatre? Video to follow...
  • Asher has been busy drawing for his friends and family. He is going to hand them out when this is all over.
  • Lily has been busy drawing her friend and writing lots of lovely things about her.
  • Izzy has drawn and labelled a flower and then explained the job of each part. Fantastic detail Izzy - well done.
  • Isobel's great money work.
  • Mahlia's made a lovely colourful goat puppet; fantastic Mahlia, it even matches your dress!
  • Lily has coloured and labelled the troll from the story; super work Lily!
  • Felicity has been busy thinking of an invention that could change the world; great work Felicity.
  • Asher looking extremely grown up with his money tree!
  • Enjoying getting active with the counting song. Go Asher!
  • Keira and her sister have set up a great shop!
  • Mahlia's been practising spelling the words she has been learning. Great work Mahlia!
  • Superstar Lily all wrapped up on her leaf hunt walk.
  • Lily's shop - can you see what she is selling?
  • Keira's menu. I'll have a pizza and orange juice!
  • Lily busy painting.
  • Alfred has enjoyed setting up his shop too!
  • Olivia's carefully coloured a Peppa Pig picture for Mrs Pearce. So neat Olivia well done.
  • Eva has been practising giving directions through the maze she built. Looks great fun Eva!
  • Mahlia has been writing sentences after each of the online phonics lessons. Great idea Mahlia's mummy.
  • Not many customers Keira?
  • Lily built a troll's house in the garden and made space for his friends so he didn't get lonely.
  • A great shape picture Mahlia and lovely to see your smiley face.
  • Katy's work about Florence Nightingale.
  • Some more beautiful colouring from Olivia.
  • Eva and her brother have been busy in the garden. Has anyone else made a bug hotel?
  • Lily's got a customer!
  • Jake made this picture with his mum at the start of lock-down. Sorry I missed putting it on. Does anyone know how he made it so neat?
  • Isobel drew her own troll and labelled it really carefully.
  • Lovely smiley Keira working hard to make her menu.

Class One Home Learning Gallery

  • Eva likes to start each day with a dance. Great idea Eva!
  • Eva has been busy writing about the Chicken Licken story - fantastic writing Eva!
  • What a lovely window display Eva - I bet it makes everyone smile when they walk past.
  • Lily is keeping up with her dance practice - looks great Lily!
  • Lily enjoyed the Chicken Licken story and activities too!
  • Nikau says thank you for the work - you are very welcome Nikau! Keep up the good work.
  • Katy has been busy typing up her own Moody Faces poem! Well done Katy.
  • Lovely work about the Dragon/Dinosaur story Nikau!
  • Nikau enjoyed helping Emily with a science experiment this afternoon! What did you find out Nikau? Looks great fun.
  • A lovely poster to let the NHS know how thankful we are for all of their hard work. Well done Izzy!
  • What a brilliant rainbow and you were allowed to paint on the window - fantastic!
  • That looks like a great family tree Izzy - well done.
  • Nikau has had a busy day - reading books, hunting for tricky words, lots of lego and phonics play! Looks like he had fun blowing bubbles in his maths lesson too!
  • Can you guess who has been bust making these fantastic pompom creatures? Begins with L and ends in y. Brilliant work!
  • Lily has been very busy making a crown for Queen Victoria. That's fantastic Lily - so much detail.
  • She even made the Queen herself - what a superstar!
  • Isobel has been enjoying P.E. with Joe - looks fun Isobel!
  • Someone else has been busy making pompom animals - we miss that cheeky smile!
  • Super writing about the story Isobel.
  • Wow Nikau you've been busy. The lego model looks great!
  • Mahlia has been enjoying cooking; especially tasting her cooking!
  • Great work using the phoneme frames Mahlia and lovely ears!
  • Happy belated birthday to Mahlia; we can sing happy birthday when things get back to normal!
  • Looks like you're having great fun with Asher. How did you manage to get the balloons to stick to the ceiling?
  • Great work ordering numbers Mahlia!
  • Asher has been busy making cakes and biscuits to share with his next door neighbours - so thoughtful Asher!
  • The look of concentration whilst completing his phonics work - well done Asher!
  • Homemade pizzas are on the menu in Asher's house - they look delicious. Great work Asher!
  • What a wonderful Spider man mask - can you work out who is behind it?
  • This looks great fun!
  • Asher's daily exercise; a great family selfie too!
  • Wow Isobel - you are so flexible; I wish I could do that!
  • Eva has been busy drawing - check out 'Draw with Rob' on youtube for some tips! Brilliant drawing Eva and an even better smile!
  • Mahilia working hard writing out her number sentences - great work Mahlia.
  • Is it a unicorn? No it's just Lily in her onesie drawing a flower in the style of Yayoi Kusama - lovely work Lily!
  • Charlie has been busy doing lots of reading - can you spot what book he is reading?
  • Mahlia using ladybirds and their spots to make number sentences.
  • Mahlia really enjoyed colouring her woodland picture and how nice that you can be outside so much.
  • Digging the soil ...
  • The seeds are going in ...
  • Eva watering her seeds - I wonder what she is growing?
  • One of Mahlia's favourite activities - Phonics Play games!
  • Asher has been busy learning about coins. He asked his mum if he could keep them after he'd finished his work - I think it's only fair Asher!
  • Brilliant Mahlia - can anyone write the matching number sentence?
  • Olivia has been busy making her own shop. I wonder what she's bought today?
  • Olivia working hard sequencing the pictures from 'We're going on bear hunt.'
  • Olivia is busy working on the laptop and there's a penguin on the screen. Does anyone know what she is doing?
  • Wow Isobel you have made some fantastic prints. Her secret was using watercolour paper; Miss Addison has ordered some for school so we can all have a go when we get back.
  • Nikau has been baking today - chocolate chip cookies. Yummy!
  • Look at Katy's wondering independent writing - well done Katy.
  • Asher wanted to show you all his lovely English work. You are working so hard Asher - well done.
  • Fantastic phonics Mahlia - I think your mum is a very good teacher.
  • Brilliant phonics Katy - you've got the hang of those two syllable words.
  • Fantastic addition Isobel and what lovely neat work.
  • Charlie and his sister have been making the most of the sunshine and someone tells me you've been camping in the back garden!
  • Great work making plant prints Mahlia.
  • Lily has been busy planting too - it will be lovely to watch your plants grow! What do people think Lily is growing?
  • Asher enjoying sequencing We're going on a bear hunt.
  • A fantastic story map Asher!
  • A wonderful story map Eva!
  • Eva wrote a different version of the bear hunt story - a great idea Eva and your writing is brilliant.
  • A great dandelion print Izzy.
  • Izzy has gained a new skill during lockdown - hairdressing. Not sure if daddy would agree!!!
  • Beautiful plant prints and great work writing the names of each one Izzy.
  • Yayoi Kusama move over! Great work Izzy - you could put them in a frame!
  • Asher is busy writing the diary for his Covid 19 time capsule. I wonder what he is writing and what he will put into it? It will be so interesting to get in out in years to come to remind you of what happened and the things you did.
  • Great ideas of things to take on the bear hunt Isobel. Did you take any of those things camping with you?
  • Isobel and her family had a night camping in their garden - great idea guys!
  • They even got to toast marshmallows!
  • Lily's postcard there's a theme here ...
  • Inspired by the story, Lily got out her animal puzzles and Thomas too.
  • Can anyone guess who's been practising their times tables? I think they must be in year 6 - no it's Charlie!
  • Mahlia spotted a special flag on her walk. Does it belong to Lily?
  • Esme made a rainbow using leaves, petals and flowers she found in her garden. So pretty Esme; great work.
  • Can anyone see what Mahlia asked for on her postcard?
  • Mahlia collected leaves and petals on her daily walk; she then made them into a beautiful picture.
  • A beautiful rainbow made using flowers from Lily's garden.
  • Mahlia getting used to the new online phonics classes.
  • Mahlia looking at the blossom on the apple tree and looking forward to apples later this year.
  • Great writing from Charlie.
  • Nikau enjoying the sunshine and learning about capacity at the same time.
  • Lily has set up her own Dear Postman story and yes the unicorn is eating glitter!
  • Esme's flower sculpture inspired by the artist Yayoi Kusama. Brilliant Esme - very creative.
  • Isobel wrote a postcard to add to the story Dear Postman. Great writing Isobel and a lovely illustration.
  • This time Isobel's postcard was from a horse. Keep up the good work Isobel.
  • Eva had a go at Harry's science experiment this week and used a magnet to move a coin around the bottle. Why not have a go ...
  • Mahlia had a special visitor in her garden last week. Can anyone see what it is?
  • After joining in with the online phonics lesson Mahlia wrote some sentences which linked to the lesson. Great writing practice Mahlia.
  • This lovely postcard was from a monkey. What other animals could we add to the story?