School development plan

Our school is always striving for improvement and it is important that all stakeholders are aware of, and contribute towards, development priorities. We have a regular cycle of self evaluation and this informs the development plan. We try to ensure there is a broad and balanced approach to school development and the aims / objectives cover a wide range of areas. Plans are implemented over a 1 to 3 year period, depending on the nature of the strategy. 


The headline areas for development for 2020 – 2021 are:


  • Raise outcomes in maths by the end of Key Stage 2
  • Implement curriculum mapping across all subjects
  • Develop Church School distinctiveness
  • Improve reading provision throughout the school i.e. reading areas & school library
  • Promote well-being and mental health awareness for pupils and staff
  • Increase outdoor learning opportunities in all subject areas
  • Develop  more effective online learning provision


Our partnership is paramount to your child’s success and it is most effective when we share the same passion, vision and positive approach to school improvement.