Year 1

What are we Thankful for?(Harvest)


What do Stories from the bible teach us about Jesus?


Why do Christians give gifts at Christmas?


Why is baptism important to Christians?


How do Christians celebrate Easter?


What does prayer mean for Christians and for other faiths?


How do we appreciate the natural world?








Extra Unit


Who and where is God?


Year 2

Why do Christians celebrate harvest?

(also incudes Jewish Sukkoth)


What can we learn from the stories Jesus told?


What are the messages of Christmas?


What do sacred writings teach about leaders?

(focus on Christianity but other religions may be included)


What does the Easter story tell us about God’s love and forgiveness?


How do Muslims express their faith?


What does it mean to belong to the church for Christians?




Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


What do Christian writings teach about forgiveness?

Why does Christmas matter to Christians?

(link with Advent)

Why and how do different faiths use prayer?


What does the Easter story tell us about hope and despair?

What do Old Testament stories teach Christians about God?

How do some Christians understand the creation of the world from Bible stories?


What do Christians and Muslims understand about the need for thankfulness in their lives?

Why is light a key feature in the Christmas story?

What did Jesus teach people about the Kingdom of God?


How do Christians prepare for Easter?

(focus on Lent)

What do stories from Islam teach Muslims about how to live their lives? (include Haji)

How do Christians love their neighbours?



How do different religious believers demonstrate humility and trust in their lives?

What do Christians believe about the Prince of Peace?


Why are places of worship important for different religious believers?

(include diversity within and between religions)

Was the crucifixion of Jesus a sacrifice and what does this mean for Christians today?

(Who was responsible for the death of Jesus?)

Why is the Holy Spirit important to Christians?


What do Christians and others believe and DO about wealth and poverty in the world?


How do Christians demonstrate justice in their lives?

How do Christians perceive the birth of Jesus?


What does it mean to be a Muslim in British society today?

How  is the resurrection portrayed as central to Christian beliefs

What do different faiths teach about care and respect for others?


What are some different ways in which religion and science look at the world as God’s creation?