Collective Worship at Arnside National School

At Arnside National School collective worship is an integral part of our day. It is a time for us to come together to learn, celebrate and reflect. Throughout the week we have different acts of worship which are detailed below. All acts of worship are invitational, and the children can choose how and when they wish to participate. Collective worship is a very popular time of the day with the children and staff. The act of coming together as a whole school community makes it a very special and unique time in our busy timetable.

Daily Collective Worship is as follows: 


Type of worship

Who is involved



Whole school 


Bible Worship 

Key stage 


School Church 

Whole school 


Child led Worship 

Whole school 


Celebration Worship 

Whole school 


We start our week with collective worship first thing on a Monday morning. This is an opportunity to explore our Christian star quality and school value that we are focusing on that week. Other national and international events may be covered also.

 Bible worship is planned annually and is consistent throughout the school. It follows the Christian calendar of events or is linked to one of our Christian star qualities. In KS1 this will follow the format of listening to a Bible story before discussing its relevance to our lives. In KS2 children will use their own Bible to find and read certain passages before a class discussion.  

Wednesday Worship consists of the children attending School Church. School Church takes place at St James Church and is led by the Vicar or members of the clergy. Members of the community are invited to join the children for this act of worship.  

All children are encouraged to lead Child Led Worship at some point throughout the year. The children work in small groups to lead an act of worship. We have had some wonderful presentations ranging from acting out Bible stories, singing and quizzes.  

The purpose of Celebration Worship is for the whole school to join together and celebrate our achievements both in and out of school. This is also when awards are given out to children for their perseverance, hard work or behavior towards others. Each half term we hold a celebration Worship in the church which allows us to invite all parents and carers. Special awards for demonstrating our star qualities are given out and one class celebrates their learning with us.


Children have many places in school where they can go to reflect quietly. We have prayer stations in all of our refection areas where children can take part in private prayer or, if they would prefer, children and adults can place their prayers can into our Prayer cross where they can be shared during Collective Worship.


Collective Worship Theme Planning 2021-2022

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Collective Worship Theme Planning 2022-2023

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